ModelD with FastFlex Gen4

comprises to groups: Standard, Differentiation Array (DA)

Standard ModelD FastFlex Gen4, the‘ one-stop-shop’ solution for Residential area. The standard ModelD FastFlex Gen4 isa LED lighting system containing two key building blocks: a LED board and a FastFlex lens. There are two board forms factors (2×8 and 2×4) and eight standard lenses to comply with the most common road and industrial applications. It is suitable for operation with Xitanium LED outdoor drivers.

ModelDin a combination with FastFlex DA Gen4 for exceptional optical differentiation. The ModelD with FastFlex Gen4 Differentiation Array (DA) versions are system propositions (LED module driver) that enable exceptional optical differentiation through the use of third party 2×2 array lenses, including high temperature 2×2 lenses. There are four board form factors (2×8, 2×6, 2×4 and 2×2).They are suitable for operation with Xitanium LED outdoor drivers and are compatible with Zhaga book 15. All to groups feature a new Tc point for easy access, patented surge protection, a wide range of color temperatures (CCT) and color rendition index (CRI) options.


Ultimate performance and design flexibility

  • Current range from 100 to 1500 mA for flux flexibility
  • State-of-the-art LED efficacy up to 176 lumen per watt
  • Excellent quality of light with CRI 70 and 80 in a range of color temperatures
  • Patented module surge protection up to 10 kilovolts
  • New case temperature (Tc) measurement point on front of the board for easy access
  • Wide lumen output range to match every application need
  • Complete system proposition with a wide range of driver choices


Benefits for our costumer in Europe

  • Short time to market and minimum assembly time via 9 standard FastFlex modules and 8 standard lenses
  • Optical differentiation and short assembly time (FastFlex DA & DAX plus third party 2×2 50 mm lenses)


  • Residential – paths, pedestrianized tourism, and commercial areas
  • Mixed traffic – commercial and tourist areas, and city centers
  • Highways – national roads, rural roads

Full portfolio offer

  • Range includes 3000, 4000, on request 2700, 5700 and 6500 K Color temperatures
  • Choice of color rendition index (CRI) of 70 and 80
  • System warranty of five years

Introducing ModelD Gen4

Outdoor and streetlighting are highly diverse fields, and as an costumer in Teamtronic, you can differentiate your ModelD through side and top mounted and different pole design, speed-‑to-‑market, optical (photometric) performance, efficacy, cost, or product life time. To help you in all these areas, we developed the ModelD generation in a combination with FastFlex portfolio so you can meet every project requirement. ModelD FastFlex Gen4 brings you more than state-of-the-art LED streetlighting; it’s supported by light design in your city with the Nordic design and nordiclight filisofi.

From a one-stop-shop to unique optical performance to the Residential area

Standard ModelD FastFlex Gen4 is an ideal ‘one‑stop‑shop’ solution with boards and lenses from Philips. It shortens your development cycle, and still provides optical flexibility thanks to eight standard light distributions. When you want unique photometric performance, the FastFlex Gen4 Differentiation Array (DA) and new FastFlex Differentiation Protected (DP) enables you to use third-party lenses for an unlimited range of optical configurations.

Unparalleled lumen per watt

The ModelD FastFlex LED board Gen4 offers best-in-class energy efficiency, with performance efficacy of up to 176 lumens per watt. The remarkable energy savings and CO2 reductions achieved with a Fortimo FastFlex LED Gen4 system can be further extended by lowering the light levels during off peak hours (FastFlex support multiple dimming protocols). Energy usage is reduced and light pollution is minimized, improving quality of life for local residents.